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Manual Change-over Switch, CS5P (AC23), 4 Pole

800A, 1000A, 1250A, 1600A, 2000A, 2500A & 3150A technoelectric Made in Italy
Change-over switches manually operated suitable for breaking and permutating two low voltage electrical circuits. They are made by two standard switches of VISUALCOMPACT P or F series mechanically interlocked. The arrangement of two switches mounted one on top of the other makes this execution particularly compact and easy to connect to cables or bus-bars.


• 3 positions I-0-II 
• version without 0 overlapping functions 1, 1+II, II up to 1250A 
• load break switches vertically or horizontally interlocked 
• visibility of fixed and moving contacts by means of windows 
• indipendent fast action operation 
• double break contacts 
• high breaking capacity (AC-23A IEC 60947-3) 
• high electrical and mechanical endurance
• resistant to damp heat (IEC 68-2)
• wide range of accessories
• rotary front operation by means of: 
> external double insulated handle with door interlock in I and II position
> IP65 degree of protection. Padlockable with up to three padlocks in 0 position
• version for by-pass available only up to 1250A 35kA 


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Number of Poles 4 Pole
Rated Current 800A
Rated Current 1000A
Rated Current 1250A
Rated Current 1600A
Rated Current 2000A
Rated Current 2500A
Rated Current 3150A