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Motorized Change-over Switch, CS5 (AC23), 4 Pole

800A, 1000A, 1250A, 1600A, 2000A, 2500A & 3150A technoelectric Made in Italy

The  four pole change-over switches, with motorized operation, allow remote control of change-over/breaking/disconnection under load of power circuits in low voltage systems.

The motorized change-over switches are made by means of two switch disconnectors of “Visualcompact” series mechanically interlocked.

• Automatic under-load change-over (AC22, AC23) from and to any of positions “1”, “0”, “2” both electrical and manual (emergency change-over), transfer function with direct transition from position “1” to position “2” and viceversa.
• Front display of positions “1”, “0”, “2” by digital display and/or mechanical indicator (for MS version).
• Safety: locking by padlock preventing any electrical or manual operation, key lock for the selection of electrical or manual operation (on MS series only).
• External signalisation of positions “1”, “0” and “2” by a clean contact (no voltage supply).
• Quick operating time from pos. “1” to “2” and viceversa (see tables at pages 144 and 145).
• Easy and fast electrical connections by means of terminal blocks of quick connection type.
• Power supply voltage 12-24V DC, 110/220/380V AC, others on request.
• Compact dimensions
• Selection of operating logic by a micro switch on the PC board and easily accessible for the following logic:
• a. impulse (150 ms min)
• b. contactor (maintained contact). 

Two layers change-over switches MSX series types CS3-4-5 from 315A to 1250A, power supply 24V DC, display by mechanical indicator.

Two layersw change-over switches MSX1 series types CS3-4-5 from 315A to 1250A, power supply 12V DC, display by mechanical indicator.

Two layers change-over switches MSY series types CS3-4-5 from 315A to 1250A, power supply 220V AC, display by mechanical indicator.

Two layers change-over switches MS series types CS3-4-5-6 from 315A to 3150A, power multiple power supply voltage 24V DC, 110/220 AC, visualisation by display and mechanical indicator.

• IEC 60947/1-3, IEC 439-1, IEC 204-1
• CEI EN 60947/1-3, CEI EN 60439-1, CEI EN 60204-1
• VDE 0660 Teil 107

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Number of Poles 4 Pole
Rated Current 800A
Rated Current 1000A
Rated Current 1250A
Rated Current 1600A
Rated Current 2000A
Rated Current 2500A
Rated Current 3150A