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State of the art Engineering e-commerce Store

We are an online platform, introducing an exclusive range of industrial products. SAEES® took this lead with an objective to inculcate the concept of industrial ecommerce supply chains in Pakistan. Currently our website is focusing on a fully catalogued collection of over 1 million products, from brands across the globe.

Our mission is to transform SAEES® from an E-commerce enterprise to a mercantile community, wherein an interaction between the prosperous end users and the prestigious manufacturer/ producers will be available in order to explore the lucrative opportunities of online trading.
This is our endeavor to revolutionize the supply chain mechanism in the existing industrial supply chain operations to bridge the gap between multinational companies and consumers. Our humble vision is the formation of an exclusive online-trade ecosystem for the diversified merchandizing.

In the emerging world of ecommerce and trade, the techniques of the art of trading are constantly evolving. Amazon®, Fasteners® changed the method of technical procurement globally. Pakistan is yet to be synchronized with the new methodology and looking forward towards the opening of ecommerce business franchises and foreign collaborations. We are pioneering in this regard and putting our professional efforts to bring Pakistan at par with the instant changes in the ecommerce world. This will create a healthy ecommerce business competition and will sponsor space for new enterprises. Our cherished goal will be to enrich the available resources in the cadre of ecommerce business with highly qualified skills of information technology.