TECHNOELECTRIC has long been a leader in the field of electro-mechanical engineering, particularly regarding low voltage load break and fuse-switches .

Founded in 1981, TECHNOELECTRIC can count on reliable professional ”expertise” and electromechanical up-to-date technologies.
Its manufactures are well-known and appreciated on the market; thus, its load break switches are in a really great demand.

Since its very beginning, following his founder’s brillant intuition, TECHNOELECTRIC develops the production of low-voltage switches, aiming to gain that portion of the electromechanical market, much more interested in the quality of the manufactures. Then, in order to satisfy its customers’ requests and to solve electromechanical questions, the company acknowledged the need to enlarge the range of its products. Besides in 1985 the management resolution to enter a partnership with one of the key-companies operating in the same field, led to a further increase in the manufacture variety, increase also due to a progressive widening of the market.

Co-operation is the focal point for the company success; only the efforts made by the design, production and marketing departments can lead to a complete satisfaction of the customer in relation to quantity, quality, costs and deliveries.

TECHNOELECTRIC has improved its sales organization, developing its own sales network with agents regularly distributed on both national and international territory. The progressive production and management reorganization, symptom of a constant modernization and improvement, together with an always better qualification of the staff led the company to achieve higher level standards, such as the true, certified regulation UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 for manufactures, processes and services related to load break switches and combined units with fuses.

TECHNOELECTRIC has actually achieved on ambitions aim, that is bringing up the standard product lines together with the possibility of producing special items according to customers request.